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Kukuru's Saiunkoku Monogatari Tv Review

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Rated: 8

I start this section off by providing a link to a blogger's site about what they felt about this anime.

I think the pictures and their captions tell it all and pretty well gives you the impression about what sort of large fan following will come to follow this show. With lots of eye candy and potential for coupling, it's enough to satisfy any fangirl.
That being said, those who prefer a little more sophistication in their viewing will find it in this anime. Though the plot is nothing groundbreaking, there are life themes and concepts presented that are worth consideration. In particular, I quite liked the episode titles.

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Kukuru's Alice 19th Manga Review

Alice 19th

Rated: 7

I became interested in this manga around the time I was heartily obsessed with anime like Cardcaptors and Sailor Moon, which was a good few years ago. Then just recently, I decided to finish reading it.

The idea of 'words containing power', Lotis Masters and people learning to deal with bad things in the past were nice story concepts, but the romance, though nice to see develop, had me a little restless and edgy; and while I do quite like the art, there was perhaps a few little over detailed parts. The humor was nothing more than a smile jerker and while there was also a bit of action with Lotis and Maram words conflicting against each other, it did not have me on the edge of my seat.

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Kukuru's Le Chevalier D'Eon Tv Review

Rated: 9

It's been almost a year since I've watched any anime, never mind something new. Nothing really seemed to catch my interest. I mean sure, I enjoy a good mecha battle or demon battle as much as the next anime lover, even the odd high school-hero romance; but I longed for something different: I just didn't know what.

Then I was channel flicking one day and landed on episode 11 of a new show entitled "Le Chevalier d'Eon" It wasn't a particular fantastic episode; middle episodes generally never are - and yet something about it captured my interest.

To determine whether it was worth watching for the beginning, I hit the net and was met with comments like: 'Fast, Thrilling: Chevalier is a must have' and 'Hands down, one of the best anime to come out of 2007.

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Kukuru's Scrapped Princess Tv Review

Scrapped Princess

Rated: 7

There is a bit of everything here; you laugh, you cry, you get annoyed, you feel happy. Storyline lines moved well enough and characters were relatable and likable.

I think this is worth your while watching. It is light-hearted (well compared to some of the other stuff out there) and not too complicated yet enough complexity to keep you interested.

Of course, this is my personal review, but I tried to be as neutral as I could. I think it will be worth your while checking it out, especially fans of shows like Inuyasha, Sailor Moon -Fantasy animes. Now I know they are not really what you can compare it too, but I think people who enjoyed those anime will definitely find some enjoyment out of Scrapped Princess.

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